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Automatic faucet Vitech stainless steel infrared

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Automatic faucet Vitech to detection by infrared.

Fires and stops automatically.

Stainless steel body robust vandal-resistant.


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Automatic faucet Vitech by infrared detection.


 The infrared electronic cell triggers the opening and closing of water upon presentation or removing hands before the detector.

This mixer allows to save water and issue only water needed.

The command of infrared water to avoid manual contact, which allows to avoid the exchange of bacteria and clogging of the mixer.



Very simple installation, even for someone who has never been a tap.



The mixing valve attaches to the tub using a nut provided.

It connects to the enclosure using a flexible it also provided

the box connects to your electrical network (it has a plug)

It can also work with batteries LR6 x 4


a leaflet is provided



-diameter: 53 mm

-Overall height: 150 mm

-height to the infrared: 46 mm

-height to the tap: 100 mm

-Spout length: 70 mm

-diameter of 










Solid brass plated with ceramic valve, it has been tested to operate more than 600,000 times.

All of our faucets are this and have been tested.

Faucet stainless steel Vandal.


1 year warranty

Delivered within 48 h

Any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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