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SCALESTICK scale for door filter + charcoal View full size

SCALESTICK scale for door filter + charcoal

The ScaleStick is a specially composed unique limestone control system to inhibit calcium deposits and corrosion control it also combines an active carbon filter.

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scalestick + filtre charbon

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The protection against the limestone and corrosion ScaleStick control system is the only one of its kind on the market able to work properly with steam generators.


Thanks to its integrated venturi assay system, it provides a few milligrams of food quality product in the water to be treated. Once in the water, it will help the protection of heating elements avoiding the agglomeration of the resistance scale. In addition it will create microfilm on metal walls in contact with the water to control corrosion.


The ScaleStick is provided for if insert into the standard filter doors ten inches (10 ''), this allows to use the ScaleStick in existing filtration systems.


Unlike conventional additives of fight against the limestone, it is always efficient at very high temperature which allows to adapt to many applications:

  • Ovens vapours,
  • Mixed boiler furnaces,
  • Coffee Espresso,
  • Coffee filter,
  • Ice machines,
  • Lava batteries,
  • Etc.

Prevent the formation of limestone causes:


  1. The reduction or elimination of the checkups,
  2. The elimination of exhibition staff to aggressive acids,
  3. Reduction of failures and technical interventions due to limestone.

The reduction or elimination of accumulations

limestone on the heating elements results in:


  1. A significant energy saving,
  2. An increase in the life of the heating elements,
  3. A significant reduction in replacement costs.


The provision of a corrosion protection entails:

  1. Prevention of rust spots,
  2. An increase of the lifetime of the equipment,
  3. A reduction in replacement costs.



The block of activated carbon that eliminates chlorine to avoid inhalation of the gas generated. It also filters the sediments into the water at height of 10 microns


Changes every 12 / 20 m 3 (about 1500 h operating on a generator 9Kw) 

Changes every 6 months in the public baths.


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