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Aromatherapy Spa East 250 ml to essential oils Velvet

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Velvet Spa East out of musky, Woody, sweet and spicy notes which are characterised by a subtle mixture of warmth and sweetness, and who brings a touch of refinement and manhood

A few drops in your spa sublimate your hydromassage and relaxation session


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Velvet spa East 250 ml


Musky Woody notes sweet and spicy that are characterised by a subtle mixture of warmth and sweetness, and who bring a touch of refinement and virility.


The pleasure of a bath spa with essential oils 


The SPA has this special that the water is recycled and filtered, as in a swimming pool. We must remain vigilant when you pour a any product. Indeed, an unsuitable product would immediately lead to trouble the water, plug filters, cause foaming reactions, etc...
VELVET of CAMYLLE SPA has been designed to blend perfectly with the water without interacting on the disinfection system.

Essential oils are solubilisées in a solution of alcohol of Cosmetology specifically developed by Camylle laboratories, which makes the volatile product 100%. No trace remains in the spa, the filter cartridges will not clog and will not gum up the disinfection system.

VELVET of CAMYLLE SPA today is considered by the manufacturers and distributors of spas, best-known as a reference which enriches this moment of Exchange by adding a subtle perfume and all the benefits of essential oils of plants.

USE: perfectly water soluble pour two to three caps by bath (20 to 30ml) directly into the water of the spa (for a medium capacity of 1500 litres). He brings an extra dimension to the bath with the healing power of essential oils.

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