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Veil of Sauna Eucalyptus / Mint 250 ml

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sauna euca/menthe

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Aromatherapy for the respiratory property sauna and refreshing

The essential oils of eucalyptus are the most used in saunas and hammams.

The power of the scent of eucalyptus gives an impression of freshness and perfectly combines properties of mint airway clearance


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Veil of sauna Eucalyptus / Mint 250 ml respiratoire and refreshing



The essential oils of eucalyptus trees are among the most used in saunas and hammams. The power of the scent of eucalyptus gives an impression of freshness and vitality.
Particularly indicated in respiratory conditions, this plant is used in pharmaceutical compositions for his many virtues anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious



The essential oil is refreshing by excellence. In many cultures, the Mint is used to flavour dishes and drinks, but also for its stimulating and aphrodisiac properties.
Of all time, the Mint was used as tonic, to help the digestion as well as treatment for colds, cough and fever.


The pleasure of a sauna session

Perfectly soluble in water. VEIL of SAUNA of CAMYLLE spread generously when the diluted solution is poured on the hot stones of the stove (dilution rate of 10-20 ml per litre of water).

Essential oils are fat bodies that remain on the surface when you pour them into the water. 

The secret of making of VEIL of SAUNA of CAMYLLE ensures a better distribution and a long remanence of the aromatic molecules in plants.

Purify the body and mind...

Enter a sauna cabin and instantly feel heat you invade, sit back, lie down and let warm successively through the skin and the different parts of your body. Feel the heart rate slow down and mind subside...
The breath of warm wood, the rattling of the stove and the lava stones are the sounds that remind you of the tranquility of this privileged moment where rest and well - being are the key words.

After a few minutes, pour over the hot rocks Veil of Camylle Sauna diluted and suddenly feel his body wrapped by this warm, silky water vapor charged molecules from plants.

Breathe slowly but deeply essential oils sometimes soothing and calming and tonic and stimulating...


Perfectly water soluble, the fragrances spread generously when the solution, diluted at the rate of 10-20 ml per liter of water (1 to 2 caps), is poured on the hot stones of the stove.

Do not use pure essential oils (undiluted) in a sauna!

VEIL of SAUNA of CAMYLLE is recognized and approved by the biggest brands of sauna.

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