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Solvent descaling steam generator TYLÖ View full size

Solvent descaling steam generator TYLÖ

Solvent descaling for steam steam generator Tylö

suitable for any type of steam generator

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solvant Tylö

6,90 €

Solvent for Tylö steam generator

To de-scale the steam generator,

instructions on the bag.



-Switch on your steam generator

-When steam starts to come out, turn off the generator and turn off the electrical supply.

-Wait 5 minutes

-Unscrew the sensor of water level by identifying the 3 sheets (mark them if necessary) and insert the contents of the sachet of solvent Tylö

-Screw the water level sensor and reconnect the 3 sheets

-Reconnect all connections

-Allow the product to Act 90 min.

-Restart your generator ensuring that nobody is present in the cabin

Scaling will be done in your tank as well as in your steam system



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