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Adjustable ABS ventilation grille 100mm

19.08 € tax incl.


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  • Product type : Ventilation grille for round duct pipe.
  • Material : Vent cover made of ABS, ensuring durability and moisture resistance.
  • Suitable size : Designed for 100mm conduits, ideal for standard installations.
  • Specific use : Perfectly suited for the hammam and the bathroom thanks to its high humidity resistance.
  • Functionality : Featuring an adjustable opening, allowing easy and efficient control of airflow.

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Adjustable ABS ventilation grille 100mm

A ventilation grille in a steam room is important for several reasons, including maintaining opaque and dense steam. Here is a description of its specific usefulness for this purpose:


  • Exhausting hot air: When water is heated in the steam room to create steam, the temperature inside can become high. A ventilation grill allows hot air to be evacuated from the hammam, creating air circulation which helps maintain the ambient temperature and prevent excessive overheating. This helps maintain a comfortable environment for users.


  • Eliminating Excessive Humidity: Steam rooms are known to be very humid spaces due to the production of water vapor. An air vent helps exhaust humid air from the steam room, reducing stagnant humidity. This is important for maintaining dense, opaque vapor, as excessive humidity can dilute the vapor and make it less dense.


  • Improved air circulation: A ventilation grille promotes better air circulation inside the hammam. This allows the steam to distribute more evenly throughout the cabin, creating dense, opaque steam. Good air circulation also helps maintain a constant, pleasant temperature throughout the space.


  • Condensation prevention: A ventilation grille helps prevent excessive condensation on steam room surfaces. When warm air meets cooler surfaces, it can condense and create water droplets. This can reduce the density of the vapor and make vision less opaque. By evacuating moist air, the vent helps prevent condensation and maintain steam quality.


In summary, a ventilation grill in a steam room plays an essential role in creating dense, opaque steam. It helps evacuate hot, humid air, improve air circulation and prevent excessive condensation. These elements are important for maintaining a pleasant and authentic hammam experience, with dense steam enveloping users.

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