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121 SIKATOP seal Kit + band seal + armed band View full size

121 SIKATOP seal Kit + band seal + armed band

Sikatop121 10 Kg + armed band + sealing strip 

Kit to make the connections between the receiver and the wall partitions + bands on the walls.

Two-component waterproofing mortar.

Hydraulic mortar pre-proportioned high waterproofing performance.

-Roll of armed gang 50 metres

-5 sealing strip

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KIT Sikatop121

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Sikatop 121 grinding 10Kg

Two-component waterproofing mortar.

Excellent adhesion on most media (concrete, mortar, stone, brick) - impermeability to water - insensitivity to the gel.

Mortar pre-proportioned for coating for waterproofing showers, pools, wine cellars, basements, water basins - collage of borders, band...
-Armed gang for jointing plates 50 metres 
-Sealant for the receiver 5 meters 



Pasted the band army between the plates, on the heads of screws... and make 2 passages of mortar SIKATOP 121 in the same direction to avoid air bubbles.

Make a passage between the receiver and the wall, pasted the etacheite top band, then remade a passage.


Kit of 10kg ready for use with bucket for application.

(made of small mixtures weighing 2 components to do not use the product in one shot)  

The mortar allows pasting of the receiver, the bonding of plate walls, the realization of the sealing strips, the junction of the plates, tile glue, peux also serve as a final coating... its use is multiple! 


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