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Building rigid extruded 1250x600x30mm XPS Board ready to tile Valstorm

18,90 € tax incl.


New product

Panel ready to tile or coat in XPS rigid Valstorm

1250 * 600 * 30

Allows wall mounting, insulation, separation, dubbing... it is a multiple use.

Quickly arises:

-Gluing on direct support,

-Instalation on frame wood or rail. 


Water repellent, resists temperature changes

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Ready to tile or coat in rigid XPS Board




Easy to cut with a cutter or jig saw.

Apply directly by sticking on all support.

High thermal and acoustic performance.

Can be installed on frame wood or rail.  

Let your imagination run! 




Technical details: 


Ready to tile or smear XPS plate 

Length: 1250mm

Width: 600mm

Thickness: 30mm




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