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Looking for a functional, effective and economical water heater? You are on the right page. It is in this "Tankless" category you will find different types of devices capable of you to give hot water at all moment, to impressive electricity savings and limit waste. All our water heaters operate with new technology "Power v8" and they are easy to install in your wet places. Feel free to browse this section if you are looking for a water heater of professional quality at competitive prices. It is divided into two sub-categories: KGT and electric water heater faucet instant water heater. The sub category "KGT instant water heater" a range of quick and practical water heaters. With these devices, all your problems of hot water in your bathroom will be resolved. Indeed, KGT water heaters are capable of producing hot water instantly. So it is no longer necessary to wait for hot water. They are very cheap and they are also all fitted with a temperature control, essential to customize the resulting hot water temperature. We have many products to offer you so feel free to browse this sub category: 5 Instant electric water heater, adjustable 5Kw KGT, water heater snapshot 7Kw KGT touch adjustment for shower - sink... All depends actually on as your needs and your budget. We at the

KGT instant water heater

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KGT instant water heater

Heat the water instantly, finished the electric wastes, finished the lack of hot water, is very easy to install and allows you to achieve electricity savings! With new technology "Power v8" our instant water heaters are much more economical. Compact, economic and especially ecological, our taps electric water heaters are easy to install in all wet areas in need of hot water.